Well hello there!

Welcome to a little addition to our Palm Coast Twilight Book Club.

The purpose of our group is to share our appreciation of the Twilight Saga and provide a forum for discussion and involvement.

Sounds fancy and proper, huh? It’s really just my excuse to get together with other Twilight addicts and talk about the books we love. Whether it’s writing style, plot development, character interaction or just “can you believe he/she did THAT!”, there is a wealth of opportunity for interesting and fun discussion.

In addition, I intend to offer, and ask for, suggested additional reading in the paranormal genre. Stephenie Meyer’s books have inspired millions of people to read. People who rarely picked up a book before the series came out are now making weekly trips to bookstores and libraries. This is an amazing accomplishment and I would love to hear what all of you have branched off into.

Here’s a brief rundown of some of the things I thought we could include in our meetings. (Not necessarily at every meeting, but to be considered on a regular basis.)

  • individual character, plot, relationship development discussions
  • book transitions
  • songs related to characters/events in storyline
  • book to movie comparison
  • Twilight in the news (television, internet, papers & magazines)
  • games and entertainment dedicated to the Twilight Saga and it’s characters

I sincerely hope we can mix enough intelligent thought and conversation with silly fun to make a happy balance everyone can enjoy.

Huge thanks to Books-A-Million for allowing us to have our “get togethers” at their store. We’re looking forward to seeing you there!!

🙂 Jennifer


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