Let The Music Play…

“Music cleanses the understanding; inspires it,
and lifts it into a realm which it would not reach
if it were left to itself.” ~ Henry Ward Beecher

This week’s meeting was all about the music. And WOW… there was lots of it.

I’m so glad you all gave it some thought and shared some of the songs that helped connect even more with our story and characters. Stephenie’s said over and over how music helped inspire her writing. Whether you agree with her song choices, or have created your own, there’s no denying that this story is a playlist’s best friend.

I’m not gonna blabber much on this blog (no comments from the peanut gallery, lol), I’m just gonna fill it with links and wish you “happy listening”. Feel free to comment the blog with additional songs… we’d love to hear what else you all come up with. These are the songs that have been suggested so far… ~~please note~~… some of these song lyrics / videos have content not suitable for all ages…

Avril Lavigne – How Does It Feel
Represents Bella’s first impressions of her “new world” after she finds out about the Cullens in Twilight.
lyrics here

Avril Lavigne – My Happy Ending
Represents Bella after Edward leaves in New Moon, lamenting the loss of her hopes of a life with him.
lyrics here

The Sundays (remake) – Wild Horses
Represents Bella after Edward leaves in New Moon.
lyrics here

Korn – Freak On A Leash
Represents the chaos and danger when Edward goes to Volterra in New Moon to ask to be killed, then changes his mind and tries to get away with Bella and Alice.
lyrics here

She Wants Revenge – Tear You Apart
Represents Edward’s attack instinct, in Midnight Sun, when he sees/smells Bella for the first time.
lyrics here

Metric – Help, I’m Alive
Represents Bella’s fear in Volterra, in New Moon, when the “visitors” are ushered into the room with the Volturi.
lyrics here

Regina Spektor – Better
Represents Jacob trying to help Bella get over Edward in New Moon, and show he could be the one for her.
lyrics here

Boys Like Girls – Hero / Heroine
Represents Edward and Bella standing together against the Volturi in Breaking Dawn.
lyrics here

The Cure – Lovesong
Represents Edward’s feeling for Bella in Twilight.
lyrics here

Flyleaf – All Around Me
Represents Bella during her transformation in Breaking Dawn, and her confidence in her relationship with Edward.
lyrics here

Jewel – Break Me
Represents Bella’s plea for Edward to touch her again during their honeymoon in Breaking Dawn, when she wakes up crying from her dream.
lyrics here

Nickelback – Far Away
Represents Jacob’s feelings during his and Bella’s reunion dance at her wedding in Breaking Dawn, after he’d been gone for months.
lyrics here

Blue October – Hate Me
Represents Edward’s thoughts as he broke up with Bella for “her own good” in New Moon. (video has Stephenie’s story at the beginning, song starts at 2:42)
lyrics here

Blue October – My Never
Represents Jacob’s feeling during Bella’s delivery and transformation in Breaking Dawn. (pp. 356 according to Stephenie) Realizing that she will never be his.
lyrics here

Shane Mack – Remember To Forget
Represents Bella’s attempt to start rebuilding her life after Edward leaves in New Moon. She goes out with friends but can’t get the memory of Edward out of her head.
lyrics here

Nickelback – I’d Come For You
Represents Edward’s apology and promise to Bella after they return from Volterra in New Moon.
lyrics here

**** Here are links to Stephenie’s own playlists for each of the books… I printed copies for the meeting, but at the bottom of each of these pages is a music player for you to hear the songs.****

Twilight Playlist
New Moon Playlist
Eclipse Playlist
Breaking Dawn Playlist
Midnight Sun (partial) Playlist

Remember to add any more songs you think of to the comments for this blog… I know there are more out there that remind us all of different parts of this story.


Our next meeting will be

Monday, May 4th at 5:30 pm
at the tables in front of Books-A-Million

Our topic for next meeting will be all about the news and theories surrounding the New Moon movie. How do you like the title and logo for the movie? What do you think of the casting? What scenes are you dying to see? What parts can be left out? What do you think of “voice vs. vision” for Edward? Will they be able to pull off the werewolf transformation?

Join us for predictions and discussion about the highly anticipated sequel. See you all there!!

đŸ™‚ Jennifer


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