A Picture’s Worth A Thousand Words… and a few giggles

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU to everyone for all the really funny captions to the New Moon movie stills. There were some really creative lines for some of them:-) (Julia, if you still have your paper, will you bring in next meeting so I can copy your captions into a comment on the blog? Or, you can just put them on there yourself if you have a sec? Thanks.) I’ve always loved doing that with pictures and i’m glad you all had fun with it, too. 🙂

We’re a little behind on our group book, DarkFever by Karen Marie Moning, so we’ll talk about that, and if possible the second in the series, next time.

WE’RE GONNA HAVE PRESENTS… and cake… and PRESENTS… and fun… and PRESENTS!! Yep… Christmas party at Amy’s house, lol!! I did, however, goof up the date. I was originally thinking doing the party in place of our weekly meeting, but the someone suggested a Saturday instead so we’d have more time, but I never gave the new date. Saturday is December 12th… the meeting that week would be the 14th. Sorry about the confusion. If you have any questions or confusion, call or email me.

We’ve each got the name we’ve drawn for the gift exchange… those we’ll bring to the party on the 12th. We’ve also signed up to bring these items:
– Amy – banana pudding, brownies
– Julia – cake
– Sam – rice & meat
– Sheri – vegetable platter
– Dominique – drinks
– Lynn – fruit & dip
– Jennifer & Dolorianne – plates, napkins, cups, utensils
– Ashley – chips
I’m so excited!! We’re gonna have so much fun!! 🙂

Speaking of fun… GHOST TOUR on Saturday!! I can’t wait. Please, no one jump out and freak out the poor, easily spooked Jennifer, ok? Thanks 🙂 We’re gonna have a blast and I can’t wait to see Nancy again. If anyone needs directions or anything, let me know. And if you can (or want to), bring a camera. I don’t have mine right now, so I’ll need to have whoever takes pictures send them to me. I’ll make a gallery page and post whatever spooky pics anyone wants to share :-).

For the next meeting, all we’re gonna want to do is talk movie anyway, so… please think about these things while (or shortly after) you see New Moon:

1 – One thing you wanted to see in the movie, but it wasn’t there. Did it being left out change or take away from the general storyline of the movie?
2 – One scene that you DID NOT LIKE (lease favorite scene in the movie) and why.
3 – One scene that you REALLY LOVED (favorite scene in the movie) and why.

I’ll post another blog after the movie comes out so that whoever wants to can post a review. 🙂

And speaking of the next meeting, it’ll be:

November 23rd at 5:30 pm
at the tables outside of Books-A-Million

As always… feel free to pass this bloglink along to all your twi-friends, twi-family, twi-co-workers, and random twi-fans at the movie theatre! 🙂

I’ll see ya then!
🙂 Jennifer


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