HAPPY 2010!!! Catching Up & Looking Forward

Hope all of you had a spectacular Christmas and a very happy New Year. I hope “Santa” was good to you and that you made wonderful plans for 2010.

As you can see by the new link and the new layout. The new year brought an “upgrade” to our blogsite. I’m still working out the kinks, but I hope this will be a little easier for all of us to use. Please remember to update your bookmarks and favorites so that you won’t miss any new info. There’s also a SUBSCRIBE link on the left if you want automatic updates in addition to my email reminders. (Probably not a bad idea to hit that little button, considering my track record, lol.) Also… check out the blog links in the sidebar. A lot of those blogs are really fun to read and have great reviews and information. Not to mention some of them run contests for free stuff on a pretty regular basis!

So… not a lot of blogging the last month on my end. Sorry ’bout that. Basically between Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year the meetings and the blogs have been all jumbled and free-for-all-ish. But that’s ok… jumbled is good sometimes. HOWEVER… we DO need to get back on track for at least PART of the time we’re together. Yes, I’m about to go all school teacher on everyone (myself included), but I’ll do it in a good way, lol.

Next Meeting:

Monday, January 4th 5:30pm
at the tables outside Books-A-Million

Here’s what we’ve got planned for the next few weeks:

Jan 4th: Discussion up to book 3 (FaeFever) of Karen Marie Moning’s Fever Series. No other projects.
Jan 17th: ROAD TRIP TO MEET RICHELLE MEAD IN MIAMI – Richelle will be signing books (not sure yet if a Q&A will happen, or if it’s will just be a few minutes chat while she signs the books) in Coral Gables at 5:00pm. We’re planning to leave extra early and have lunch at the Rainforest Cafe before the signing. More details to come at the meeting on the 4th.
Jan 18th: Discussion up to book 4 (DreamFever) of Karen Marie Moning’s Fever Series. Also, predictions / theories for book 5 (ShadowFever). Character Comparison Project (Which Twilight characters would be the equivalent of the Fever series characters? Think about personality, ability, and overall place in the story. Inspired by the overheard comment “Why can’t we just put Edward in EVERY series?” haha.)
Feb 1st: Discuss book 1 (Bitten) of Kelley Armstrong’s Otherworld Series. Project TBD 🙂

And we’ll go from there 🙂 There are 10 books available (at the moment) in Kelley’s Otherworld Series, so we’ll be reading those through June (when Eclipse comes out in theatres… YAY!!) unless something drastic happens.

I’ve got lots of other things up my sleeve, or rather, in my new Twilight journal, to share and discuss with everyone Monday. I’m really excited about all the things we’ve got to look forward to this year!

I can’t wait to see you all!
🙂 Jennifer


One thought on “HAPPY 2010!!! Catching Up & Looking Forward

  1. Hey Jen,
    Are you looking for anything specific pertaining to the “talking points”?

    Something similar to a checklist would be helfpful. Thanks!

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