And We’re Off… First 2010 Meeting Fun :-)

Thank you to everyone for a really great meeting this week! Too bad it was so cold outside, but luckily there were enough chairs and floorspace for us inside the toasty warm BAM. 🙂

So… FaeFever… I think it’s interesting that we have so many differing opinions of all the characters! I love that we don’t all love Barrons, or that some of us think Mac is a little “less than heroine material”. There are so many books that we all agree on, that it makes this series a lot of fun to talk about. I can’t wait until next meeting when we can go full force on the discussion. Anyone who’s behind, please make sure you’re up to DreamFever by the 18th so we don’t have to hold back on any info. Unfortunately, I can’t find a release date for ShadowFever (the final book in the series)… but I’ll be stalking KMM’s website and newsletter until one is announced.

Some things to think about for next meeting’s Fever Series discussion (keep in mind that I still need to read DreamFever, so there will be other things to discuss in addition to this list…):

  1. What makes a good heroine in a story? Does Mac fit your description?
  2. Is Barrons more of a help or a hinderence to Mac’s personal goals in Ireland. How about V’Lane?
  3. What’s in the BASEMENT!!
  4. What are the shades? How do they “grow”?
  5. Why aren’t the “dark zones” in the city more of a question for the residents/public service employees (police, garbage disposal, mail, electric company, etc.)?
  6. Why can’t Barrons and V’Lane be around/get close to each other? Is it personal history, or something more?

As I said, I still have to read DreamFever, and all hell’s breaking loose right now at the end of FaeFever, so I’m SURE there will be plenty more to talk about concerning the events of that book. Plus, I’m sure I’ve forgotten to mention some plotpoints to discuss. Feel free to comment about anything else you think we should be discussing. I’m going to consider any comment on this post a possible spoiler, and so should all of you. Please read cautiously if you’re not caught up yet. 🙂 I’m soooooo excited to hear everyone’s thoughts!!!

Road trip to see Richelle Mead is gonna happen on January 17th (Sunday). Here’s the info about location from her site:

Sunday, January 17 – 5pm – Miami, FL
Coral Gables Congregational Church
3010 De Soto Blvd.
Miami, FL
*Event is being run by Books and Books but is being held at the church because of space. The store will be there selling books, and questions should be directed to them: (305) 442-4408

***CORRECTION*** Signing will begin at 7pm… not 5… per Richelle’s twitter message

We’re planning to leave pretty early in the day so we can have lunch at one of our favorite south Florida restaurants, The Rainforest Cafe. Haven’t been there in years, but it’s soooooo cool. Her blogsite says that she’ll do a short Q&A before the signing, and that the time allowed will be determined by the attendence. Also, pictures with her will be allowed as well, so bring your camera! I’m working out the final travel details, and will email everyone who’s interested by the end of this weekend. Please contact me if you want to go so I know who to email, lol.

I’m so glad that you all seemed interested in the Alphabet Reading Challenge! I think it’ll be a lot of fun, and I’m hoping it’s a way to introduce new authors and stories into the group. Please remember to check the Reading Challenges page and COMMENT your reads so they’ll count towards your total. All the details (yes, rules) for the challenge are listed on that page as well. Good Luck everyone!!

I mentioned the possibility of us trying to get to Dragon Con this year. It’s in Atlanta and is a weekend long event full of super crazy fun stuff!! Here’s the link so you can check it out… we’ll talk more about it at future meetings. 🙂

I’m spending this weekend updating the Calendar page of book releases, and the Recommendations & TBR Lists page. Please let me know if you have any suggestions/additions for either of these pages, or anything else for the site. I’d also like to include a Fanfiction page, but it’s silly to do it for myself. If anyone else would use it, please let me know.

Ok… I think that about covers the last meeting.

Next meeting:

Monday, January 18th at 5:30

at the tables outside Books-A-Million

or possibly inside (depending on weather)

**Discussion/Project for next meeting– Discuss up to the end of the 4th Fever Series book (DreamFever) and give thoughts on final book. Character Matching Project puts Twilight characters into the Fever Series. Replace all the characters from the Fever Series with a suitable counterpart in the Twilight Saga. Who would you put where? And why? Can’t wait to hear what you think, lol.

Next meeting’s gonna be fun!! Get your debate hats on, lol… see you all there!

🙂 Jennifer


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