A Change of Plans

Well hello there 🙂

Ok… so… change of plans, or rather, change of book series. The “like nots/tried nots” outweighed the “likes” when it came time to discuss the first two Women of the Underworld books from Kelley Armstrong. I’ll be going into more detail in my review of the books (on the review page that I’m hoping to have up by the end of today) but the end result was a decision to change to another series for the group reading.

We love Richelle Mead’s writing, so it wasn’t a hard choice at all to select her Georgina Kincaid (Succubus) series to read. These were Richelle’s first published books. The Vampire Academy series was born from Richelle’s desire to roll back the clock and create a heroine still learning to be the intelligent, funny, kick-ass character that Georgina already was. I can’t wait to read all about THAT character! And I double checked the release date for the 5th book in the series. It comes out March 30th, so we’ll be able to add that to our discussions :-).

I wasn’t thinking ahead, so we don’t have a project for next meeting aside from discussing the first book in the series. But I’ll be more prepared next time. Sorry guys. (I just know you’re all broken up about that, lol.) Speaking of… next meeting:

Monday, March 1st at 5:30pm
at the tables outside Books-A-Million

Just a reminder for any of you participating in the Alphabet Challenge… I have running lists going with your completed books. If you want to add your titles, comment on the Contests & Challenges page so I can update your lists. Also, if you’ve decided to participate in Literary Escapism’s Mini League Challenge as well, the books you read must be reviewed somewhere. If you’d like to add your review to our new page, let me know and I’ll get you a user name and password. (The LE challenge is only for February… check here to see the rules. I’m only one book in out of the five I need, lol, I’ve got some serious reading to do, lol.)

Ok… I think that about covers everything for now. It was really nice to see some of the old crew who hadn’t been in a few weeks, and we’ll be happy to get back our missing peeps next meeting. Now if we can just get everyone there at the SAME TIME, lol.

See you all soon!!
🙂 Jennifer


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