We’re Surrounded By Mythical Creatures!

This week we discussed the first two books in Richelle Mead’s Georgina Kincaid series (involving Succubi, Demons, Vampires, Angels, etc) and we’re all gearing up for this weekend’s release of the New Moon DVD (with more vampires and some werewolves). It’s never boring around here, I’ll tell ya that, lol.

As far as New Moon goes… there are a variety of places offering a range of “extras” for the DVD. As far as I’ve been able to gather, the actual movie and the special features are the same everywhere. If you haven’t pre-ordered your copy anywhere yet… here’s what I’ve found are the differences in the “extras”:

Walmart’s Ultimate Fan Edition: $24.96

  • 7 Minute “Exclusive” sneak peek at Eclipse. Behind the scenes videos and interviews. Premiere of new Bella & Edward finished scene.  

Walmart’s Combo Pack: $29.96

  • Includes Ultimate Fan Edition DVD and Twilight In Forks DVD (exclusive to Walmart).

Target 3 Disc Deluxe Edition: $19.99

  • Exclusive 3rd disc with over 60 minutes of featurettes and bonus material
  • Limited edition 5X7 card with film cell

Amazon.com 2 Disc Special Edition: #16.99

  • Standard DVD with option to watch streaming online at midnight on the 20th.

Barnes & Noble 2 Disc Blu-Ray Special Edition: $27.19

  • In store and online – Standard DVD with “dreamcatcher” themed bag clip

Books-A-Million 2 Disc Special Edition: $26.99

  • In store – Standard DVD – preorder includes $50 coupon book and 2010 Twilight or New Moon oversized calendar

The standard DVD’s with no extras will be available just about everywhere for a range of prices. These are the listings for anything special I could find. Can you guess which one I’LL be getting??

NOW… for the books… 🙂

We had two books to talk about this week. I’ve posted a review on our reviews page for Succubus on Top, and the review for Succubus Blues will be up ASAP. Feel free to click on the links and leave comments over there. I’ve tried to summarize our talking points from Monday’s discussion below in the comments section. It’s down there (instead of up here) because there will be spoilers. If you haven’t read up to book 2 yet, you can just skip the first comment to this post, lol. Feel free to add your own thoughts if you have read along with us. 🙂 I’d love to hear what you all think of the series so far. *we’re all liking them a LOT* Next meeting:

Monday, March 29th at 5:30 pm

at the tables outside Books-A-Million

Remember… Anyone wanting to participate in the project for this series needs to buy/download from public domain the Andrew Lang Color Fairy Tales. Read through as many as you like and find a modern day equivalent to compare/contrast it with. Discussion of these fairy tales will be on April 26th after we talk about the 5th Georgina book, Succubus Shadows.

For any of you who didn’t already know (most all who were there Monday knew, others may not), Tuesday the Twilight Graphic Novel was released. It’s absolutely beautiful! It’s illustrated in the very popular manga style by Young Kim, and is the first in a two volume set retelling Steph’s first book. I’ve ordered a copy online but don’t have it yet. I did, however, peek at the one in the store and I think it’s split right after the meadow scene (chapter 13 in the book). I can’t wait for it to arrive!! I haven’t seen a date for the second volume yet, but I’ll be keeping an eye out and will let you all know as soon as I do :-).

We also brought up Dragon*Con again. I know, I know, it’s a long way off (September 3-6), but I’m trying to get a ballpark idea of who’s still interested in going. I’ll definitely be going. I’ll be volunteering so I won’t be available to wander the whole time we’re there, but it’s better than not going at all. There’s a link in the sidebar for the Dragon*Con website to find out ticket and hotel information. There are a LOT of authors that I’m dying to meet, and quite a few actors from the Twilight/New Moon/Eclipse movies (and a few True Blood peeps). Keep me posted if you’re seriously thinking of attending. I know of a few online people who’ve already gotten tickets and hotel rooms 🙂

OK… I think that’s it for this time. Meeting was pretty basic this week. Remember to read Succubus Dreams for the next one, and be looking for those fairy tales.

See you all in town, or in cyberspace, on the 29th!

🙂 Jennifer


2 thoughts on “We’re Surrounded By Mythical Creatures!

  1. Our discussion about Succubus Blues and Succubus On Top was a lot of fun. Here are some of the things we talked about:

    1) Ambrosia… What would your improved talent or trait be if you drank this “food of the gods”? Some of the things mentioned were better photography skills, better graphic design skills, being a hair stylist on the fashion runway in Paris.. etc.

    2) Do you like the repeated integration of mythology into the story? RE: Thetis’s story in book 1, Soma’s story in book 2. We all agreed that we love the mythological aspects of the books. It’s fascinating to see them brought into the contemporary setting.

    3) Are the plot points too easy to figure out? RE: Roman / Helen in book 1, Immortal influence on Doug’s band in book 2, Dana’s feeling’s for Georgina in book 2. Yes. We all seemed to figure out the basic idea of the “mystery” pretty early. We all guessed Roman was the immortal in the first book. And Helen was a logical guess for the twin. With Doug’s band there were two general thoughts… one that the band was all on some kind of drug (which, they kinda were), or two, that they had made some kind of deal with an immortal in exchange for success (which, Alec kinda did). We’re all hoping the next books make us work a little harder for the spoilers.

    4) Georgina and Seth… are they working? We’re all kinda mixed on this. We want them to work out so much, but we’ve got mixed thoughts on how it would actually work. Some say they can make it work with the arrangment they started at the end of book 2. Some say Georgina’s gonna make him an immortal (intentionally or unintentionally was also debated). Some say Seth’s going to make a deal with someone else to be immortal so he can be with Georgina. There are so many options out there, so I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

    5) Georgina and Bastian mentioned some of the places they’d been during their time working together. Where and when in history would you like to have lived? Some mentioned were 1964 during the American invasion of the Beatles… the 1920’s during the “flapper” times… in the deep south before the Civil War (ala Scarlett O’Hara’s glory days)

    6) If Georgina had a theme song, what would it be? In the book, Bastian requested Criminal by Fiona Apple for her at the piano bar. What do you think?

    7) In her Q&A in Miami, Richelle said she wrote Rose, from the Vampire Academy series, as a way to explore how a young woman might grow up to be like Georgina. Now, they are obviously in much different circumstances, but do you see any similarities between the two characters? Anything that might suggest one could be the younger/older version of the other? Our first reaction to this question was a resounding no. We don’t see the hard, tough Rose anywhere in Georgina’s personality. It wasn’t until after much discussion that we conceded that given the situation that caused Georgina’s self imposed damnation, Rose may have made some of the same choices. And that maybe after a few hundred years, she may have mellowed to the point that Georgina is at today. Not to say that Georgina is a pushover. But she’s certainly not the “kick-ass first, ask questions later” protector that Rose is. Now, having said that.. it’s not a bad thing. Both characters work perfectly in their own stories. Can you IMAGINE Rose dealing with Jerome and Carter? Or Georgina facing down the Strigoi? YIKES!! Thank goodness Richelle knows what she’s doing, lol.

    OK… all of you out there… post below with your thoughts on any of the talking points mentioned above, or anything at all about the first two books from this series. 🙂

  2. I liked Succcubus Blues. I actually want tio read the rest if the books. Georgie (as i like to call her) is a tortured soul literally! lol And her relationship with Roman made me cheer them on in the end. But as always he’s the bad guy and the good guy gets the girl! I do love Seth and loved the end of the book when she discovers his feelings. the book is very entertaining and love the Demon Jerome and his denial of his love for john Cusack! lol Carter is great and mysterious and his way with avoiding to answer questions is hilarious. the Vampires could use more background in the book hoping the future books would reveal that. Hugh is also one I would like to hear more about I love the fact she has guy friends instead of girls I myself have more guy friends that then girlfriends. If there is anything I would like to fix about the book it would be …..nothing. love it! now off to the next book. Succubus on top was fustrating I really thought the ambrosia was going to be a way for georgie and seth to be together without her draining him but I guess she wants to torture them some more on weither they can hold up on their end of the agreement. I feel she should have killed the drummer but she better person then me! hehe I want to know more about Dante he sounds Yummy!!! I love that Carter has faith in Seth and Georgie cause when all else fails they have an angel on their side! But I have to say Georgie keeps messing up when Seth does she will see what its like to feel like him for a day. Bastien I love but what he did to Georgie was beyond forgiveness to me he basically screwed with her mind on the trip. And did more damage then good I can see where he was coming from but if it was him he wouldn’t appreciate the help……I like both the books reading Succubus Dreams now. Later Ladies!!!!!

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