Meeting Update & Eclipse Tidbits

Hello there book ladies and book gentlemen…

Tonight’s meeting was fun, and NOT just because there was CAKE!

The prequel and first book in Gena Showalter’s Lords of the Underworld series were unanimous hits! How did we NOT read these sooner?? There’s a very obvious similarity to another series we all know and love, J R Ward’s Black Dagger Brotherhood, in that each book is focused on one particular member of the group, although all members make appearances and are part of the overall storyline. The ancient Greek references and themes are really interesting and the “burden” each of the characters carries is a fantastic way to keep the story from being the same thing over and over with each book. (I’m working on an actual review… will let you all know when it’s posted on the reviews site.)

Gena’s website has some really interesting things to poke around and see… one thing that caught my attention was this little quiz to find out which Lord you should be matched up with. Yeah, I know, it’s silly… but hmmmmm… could be interesting, lol… I love Maddox right now, but I’m thinking Kane could be lots of fun (minus all the stuff falling on his head), or maybe Paris, but he kinda reminds me of V’Lane… or… hmmm… I think I’ll just see what Gena says, lol… CLICK HERE to go to the quiz on her site. PLEASE COMMENT BELOW if you take the quiz, let us know who you get, lol.

Since a few of us couldn’t stop at the end of the first book, it’s been decided that the next meeting will be a discussion of as many books as we can cover without spoiling. There are some that will have finished all the available books by the next meeting, so we’ll see how far the rest of us get. I’m thinking we’ll have the next two meetings before everyone has finished all 5 books and 3 short stories. (Meaning meetings on May 24th and June 7th)

Next Meeting:

Monday, May 24th at 5:30 pm

at the tables outside Books-A-Million

As a heads up… the gameplan after we finish this series on the 7th will be to re-read Eclipse, and read The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner: An Eclipse Novella (available June 5th for purchase, or June 7th for free online) for discussion at the June 21st meeting.

For anyone in the area who’s interested… Books-A-Million will be having an event for the release of the Bree Tanner novella on June 5th, and another for the release of the Eclipse Movie Companion/movie kickoff on June 29th. I’ll post the details as soon as they’re available.

Speaking of Eclipse (and everyone seems to be, lately) there has been a LOT of excitement surrounding the upcoming release. I’m sure some of you know some of this already, but for kicks and giggles I thought I’d give everyone a rundown of some the big things that have been announced in the last week or two 🙂

  • Tickets for the movie go on sale May 14th at (check your local theatre for on-sale dates) If you’re coming to the midnight release with us, please bring your $10 for your ticket to the meeting so we can get tickets together.
  • Muse’s Neutron Star Collision (Love Is Forever) will be the first single from the Eclipse Soundtrack. The single will be available May 17th, the soundtrack will be available June 8th. The score, composed by the incredible Howard Shore, will be available June 29th.
  • Cast and crowd full of Twilight fans on Oprah on May 13th. (and they got to see the movie!) You can go to for screencaps and a sneak peek of the show.
  • The Short Second Life Of Bree Tanner: An Eclipse Novella releases in print on June 5th. Free to read online from June 7th-July 5th. (buying the short story in print form donates money to the American Red Cross, and it’ll look purty on your bookshelf!)
  • The Twilight Saga: Eclipse Movie Companion releases June 29th

There have also been some rumblings about Breaking Dawn lately… we’ll save those for another post, though, lol.

Thanks to everyone involved in the cake surprise… and we missed those of you who couldn’t make it tonight. Hope to see everyone next time!

🙂 Jennifer


2 thoughts on “Meeting Update & Eclipse Tidbits

  1. I just did the quiz and got….

    Generally shy and soft-spoken, you are truly a romantic at heart. Often preferring a quiet moment with your loved one instead of a wild night on the town, your passion is ignited only by someone who truly understands you. Someone who can look deep into your eyes and move your soul. Someone very much like Amun—the gentlest and most romantic of the Lords. Strong and silent, noble and upstanding, the beautiful Amun knows just how to win your dreamy heart (hint, hint, delighting you with the sweetest of caresses) and keep you wanting more!

    Now I REALLY can’t wait for more books, lol!! His book won’t be out til next year 😦

  2. That quiz was pretty fun. I just wish on question 3 (I think), the one about what you find most attractive, there was an “all of the above” option. haha.

    I got:


    You are practical, reasonable and (mostly) fair – three characteristics you also find appealing in your mate. While you are oftentimes accused of being a little too serious, you aren’t afraid to stop and enjoy the pleasures life has to offer. When your duties are done, that is – and when you get your special someone into bed! And no one finds those same qualities more attractive than the ever-practical (and super-gorgeous) Aeron, Keeper of Wrath. Beneath his gruff, no-nonsense exterior, he does have a dark side, but he’ll never hurt you. He’ll do everything in his power to protect you. His sense of duty and honor combined with his formidable strength and piercing eyes make him the ideal Lord for you.

    Dark side? *thinks* I guess I like a little bit of a dark side. haha 😉

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