Sentinal Wars becomes Character Wars

Well hello there.

We’re three book into Shannon K Butcher’s Sentinal Wars series, and there’s been a LOT to talk about. So far we’re all in agreement about how incredible the world building has been. It’s a very unique take on the very familiar “group of big men guarding humanity” theme. The society Shannon has created, and the different classes and races that she introduces, manage to be both realistic, and fantastic. On one hand you have friendships and family units that you might recognize in your own life. On the other hand, you have men who absorb and store energy, and whose soul is connected to the living tree tattoo on their chests. Yeah… they’re awesome, lol.

The main bone of contention seems to be with the heroines. Our perceptions of these women, in all three books now, is VERY different. One of my favorite women was Helen, yet others in the group thought she was whiny. Some in the group absolutely HATED Andra, calling her selfish. I disagreed with some of her decisions, but didn’t get the selfish vibe from her at all. I’m a little behind on my reading, I’m still at the beginning of book three, but Lexi is already bothering me more than the other two women combined (which is odd, since I really liked her intro in book 1). Yes, I know she’s basing her decisions on bad info, but her single minded deviousness is bothering me. I’ve been told I’ll change my mind once I read further, so, I’m waiting for that to happen. (I’ll be finishing it later tonight, I think, lol.) So far, we all love Nika, Carmen, and Grace, and we’ve got some mixed feelings about Gilda. I’m curious why we’re so focused on the women instead of the main male characters in this series. *makes a note to question that at the next meeting* 

I think that Shannon has accomplished something pretty rare with these stories. Usually in our group, we all agree on  major points in the stories we read. We generally have similar feelings about characters and storylines, with just enough difference for conversational value, but not enough for a real debate. With these books, the characters are vivid enough, and written in such a way, that each reader is getting different perceptions of the person, and their role in the story. It’s making for some very interesting (read: loud) chats.

For the next meeting, I’ll have some questions / talking points to try to keep us a little more on track.  And since we’ll all be caught up, it should prove to be one of our more animated meetings.

The project for this series was to find a neclace and/or ring to show what we imagined the luceria to look like. I’m posting our choices below (if you’ve emailed them to me… if you haven’t yet, email me and i’ll add them).

Jennifer’s Pick:

necklace:      ring: 

Amy’s Picks: 


Dolorianne’s Picks:


Tina’s Picks:

necklace:    ring:  

I asked Shannon what she had in mind when she created the luceria, and she said “I picture the luceria similar to a mylar ribbon, but with motion.” So I tried to find a visual to go along. I didn’t find any necklaces that matched the idea, but I found some mylar so we had some small reference to go on.

Shannon picked this pic as being the closest, saying “That techno one is kinda like what’s in my head (before they bond).  I think of it as a bit more silvery, with more colors than just pastels, but that’s really close.  Of course none of them have moving colors, but I think that’s as close as you’re going to get.”

She hadn’t seen our picks before now. I’m curious what she’ll think of what WE invisioned.

OK… I think that’s it for now. Remember we’re choosing names for our Secret Santa at the next meeting, so please make sure you come with a white piece of paper with your name and 3 or 4 things that you might like. $10-$20 price range. These items are NOT guaranteed to be your gifts, just a guide for your “Santa”. (Online book club girls… watch for info in my next sisterhood vlog for our Secret Santa.) Also… remember that you need to be thinking about your favorite 1 or 2 quotes from the Anita Blake series for our wrap up in a few meetings.

See you all soon!! Enjoy Living Nightmare!

🙂 Jennifer


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