Dragonfire Series chat With Deborah Cooke

Hi all!!

This past meeting was a lot of fun!! We’re all loving Deborah Cooke’s Dragonfire series. This meeting we were up to book 5 in the series… but we didn’t talk much about it amongst ourselves because we had a chat with the lovely author!! So… next meeting, we’ll do our discussion of both books, Whisper Kiss, and Darkfire Kiss. That will finish up what’s available of the series so far. (I saw on Deborah’s facebook that we’re getting 13 BOOKS all together… sooooo cannot wait for the rest of those!!)

Next meeting will also be when we discover what 4 books we’ll be reading for our “Boys of Summer” reading. Our “research” into the differences between male and female authors of urban fantasy and paranormal romance. Anyone who wants to vote has until that meeting to choose 4 titles from the sidebar poll. You can vote once a week, so you’ve got two shots to get your choices up into the top 4!

Ok… so… back to our chat with Deborah. She agreed to let me post a shortened version of our Q&A. I’ve taken out random chatter that wasn’t book related, and a few spoilers that I was asked to remove. There are STILL spoilers for the six books that are out, and a few for the upcoming YA series, so you’ve all been warned 🙂 Most of the questions we asked were about our understanding of the mythology of the Pyr, their abilities, and why things happened the way they did in the stories. CLICK HERE FOR THE ABRIDGED TRANSCRIPT (it’s kinda long, lol)

We also shared our “hoards”. What would we save and keep protected for eons if we were dragons?? Our pictures have all  been uploaded to our photobucket gallery, including the picture Deborah sent of her hoard. You can click the picture bar below to get to the hoard pics. You can also check out our gallery page, it’s been updated with this new link, and has the rest of our event pic links listed as well.

OK, all… that’s it for this time around.

Can’t wait for next meeting… and RAFFERTY’S BOOK!!! Yay!!!

See you on the 23rd!!


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