I love all the things we get to do as a group. Sometimes, we even remember to take pics when we do fun things, lol. I’ve created a preview strip for each individual gallery that is linked to the complete album. I’ll continue to add galleries and links here for each “event” we do. Have fun looking at the pics… and feel free to comment on the pics as you’re looking at them. Thanks to everyone to contributed their pictures to our club’s galleries. ENJOY!

St Augustine Ghost Tour – November 14, 2009

Christmas Party – December 12, 2009

Richelle Mead Signing in Miami – January 17, 2010

RWA Charity Autograph Signing in Orlando – July 28, 2010

Christmas Party – December 18, 2010

Dragonfire Series project… Dragon Hoards 🙂 — May 9, 2011

Jeannie Holmes Booksigning & Dinner — July 23, 2011 (coming soon)

Christmas Party — December 17th, 2011 (coming soon)

Dinner with Kristen Painter — January 16, 2012


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